Our mission...

Falls Truck

is to produce a beer of such fine quality that the entire industry will regard it with respect and of such good taste that everyone who drinks it will find it a constant pleasure."

-- Ben Schrader - Falls City Founder, 1905


Falls City Beer is back! An old Louisville favorite has returned with a whole new recipe. Falls City Original Pale Ale is now available at dozens of local bars and restaurants. The new brew is made in the style of Falls City Pale Ale from the 1930’s. Falls City began as a craft beer in 1905, made in small batches with only the finest ingredients. As we start again, 105 years later, we are once again a craft beer with a commitment to quality and taste.

We apologize now to those of you who wanted the Falls City of the 1970’s back. Falls City had many phases and flavors over 100 years and we felt like the Pale Ale was the best place to start in re-establishing the brand and returning to Ben Schrader’s vision. Falls City began in Louisville, so the beer should be as great as the city. Now that it has come back home, it will be. So enjoy drinking Falls City Beer as our fathers and grandfathers did and raise a glass to the history of a Great City and a Great Beer!