In the early 1900s, 1905 to be exact, a group of bartenders and grocery store owners had had enough with being forced to buy, serve and sell beer being produced by a local beer monopoly. So they got together and created Falls City Beer. At that moment of rebellion and independence, Louisville's first craft beer was born.
Louisville's first craft beer is once again, regionally, leading the way with a variety of well-balanced, highly-drinkable and innovative craft beers that include traditional styles, bold new flavors and non-traditional ingredients.

balanced, not boring

America's Most Balanced Craft Beer

"Balanced" is a powerful word. It is a word that means different things are in equal or proper amounts.

Something that is balanced is in equilibrium, creating an aesthetically pleasing integration of all elements.

Balanced means things are elegantly and gracefully agreeable to each other; that they are in perfect harmony.

Our Master Brewer's fundamental philosophy of brewing great beer is rooted in creating a balanced beer. A balanced beer is a very drinkable beer.

Our 7-Barrel series is named for our 7-barrel brew house on South 10th Street in Louisville, Kentucky. We offer a large variety of unique styles with this system.

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February - March
Heather Ale
5.0% ABV
18 IBU

One swig and you'll feel the Scottish wind underneath your kilt.
Heather Ale is thought to be one of the oldest styles of ales in the world. So to ring in spring, we took purple heather tips, paired it with a Scotch ale and created a minty, earthy and floral spring seasonal, giving you a unique taste you simply won't find in any other beer.

April - August
Easy Goer Session IPA
4.5% ABV
45 IBU

Official beer of skinny dipping.
Summer is here, so kick back with this Palisades and Citra-hopped Session IPA. It's full of flavor - the IPA bite you love, but carefully balanced so you can enjoy it all summer long.

September - October
Harvest Ale
5.2% ABV
24 IBU

The leaves are down, bottoms up!
Bust out your favorite fall jacket and warm your spirits with this nutty, earthy and spicy Harvest Ale. Brewed with five grains and flavored with molasses and pecans, it's perfect for fall festivals or after you've finished jumping in a big pile of leaves.

November - January
Red Rye Lager
4.5% ABV
20 IBU

Winter's here. Thank heavens there's beer.
Red in color. Unique in taste. Toasty Munich and sweet caramel malts are balanced carefully with the spiciness of rye and caraway to create a highly-sessionable seasonal.

Kentucky Common
4.0% ABV
20 IBU

What happens when bourbon lovers brew beer.
The Kentucky Common is a style of beer that started in Louisville. And at one point, more than 75 percent of Louisvillians drank Commons before the style disappeared during Prohibition. Today we craft this rich, easy-drinking ale with corn, barley and rye-just the way it used to be made.

Our heritage is a strong part of our DNA, the driving force behind our unwillingness to accept the status quo or to be content to go with the flow.